Hungary 2012


In order to start a cooperation between researchers of Tracing Nature and scientist of Kiskunsag National Park (Hungary) we visited their research area in July 2012. During daytime we joined the ringing program and explored the beauty of Hungarian Nature, thanks to all enthusiastic guides! During the ringing program we encountered interesting birds like: Wryneck, Common Sandpiper, Red-Backed Shrike, Roller, etc... At night we went 'Nightjar-hunting' with local researchers. This cooperation was a succes and there was a lot of interaction between the researchers of Belgium and Hungary. This will give us more and better understanding about the life of Nightjars!

To end our trip we were invited by 'Miki', a wonderful scientist who is specialised in working with Great Bustards. We joined him on a day's work to control the breedings of the Great Bustards. We saw a lot of these endangered birds, saw some ground-squirrels, Imperial Eagles, Long-Legged Buzzard and Stone Curlews. 

You can see our Hungarian experience here.