More than birds

The research about Nightjars give us much information about the life of - and world this mysterious creature is living in. But indirectly this knowledge gives us also information about the other fauna and flora that is connected to the habitat Nightjars are living in. That is why people refer to the Nightjar as an 'Umbrella species'. 

Small scale heath- and dune restoration in forrested areas is a welcoming gift for Nightjar populations. It creates new breadinglocations for them. But also other species like blue-winged grasshopper, cross-leaved heath, common lizard, smooth snake and serotinous bat florish thanks to these newly created habitats. The reasearchers, that work on this project also write down and report every remarcable observation. This way we try to promote the development of new habitats for multiple species to live in.

Tracing Nature does not want to focus their research only on Nightjars. We want to share our knowledge and expertise with others. This way we hope to do research on species that are not well know so our children and grandchildren can enjoy the presense of them.. Because, measuring things is knowing things and we do this vor more biodiversity!