Hongary 2014

In 2013 the Hungarian colleagues visited our research area to make a comparison with the terrain, the methods that are used here in Flanders. The weather was bad that week, rain and cold disturbed the field work. But no researcher gives up for bad weather. The last weekend the total research carried out (catching, measuring, putting on the transmittor and following-up). With this knowledge in their pocket, the Hungarian colleagues prepared the new season 2014. 

And of course, curiosity drove us back to Hungary. Again different areas were visited near Iszak. Concerning the Nightjar research: the habitat in Hungary is so much larger than here in Flanders ...It makes finding Nightjar nests a true search, the Nightjar itself has to be more armed against enemies and good nestingplaces are often taken by other animals looking for shelter.

The Hungarian experience can be found here.