Spain 2013


In 2010 one of our radiotagged Nightjars was seen and heard in southern Spain. Thanks to this observation Tracing Nature travels to Facinas every year to close their research-season and intercept their radiotagged Nightjars. You can find Facinas 18km north of Tarifa. This region is of great importance for migratory birds as this is the last strip of land before they cross the sea and continue their journey into Africa. 

As well in 2013 the team went to Spain, Facinas with a great curiosity if we would meet our nightjars over there. Together with researchers we visited different areas. Heights, lows, forests, open plains ... you chose we go! During this expedition we stayed several days in Donana park. Local researchers showed us their Nightjar research. A unique experience, all night on track. There were at least 15 Moorish nightjars intercepted while Red Deer made their presence on a their own way. Also the famous town of El Rocio was visited and what we found exceeded our wildest expectations there!!! Thanks Theo Geuens for his contribution in photos! 

Curious of what we saw? Look here