From the start


Tracing Nature was founded in 2012 by three friends that were intrigued by the mysterious sound of the Nightjar and obsessed by the search of it's secret life. For some years now, we do research on the life of this camouflage-king, also know as the Goatsucker. But now, our strengths and knowledge is officially brought together in order to discover the secret life of this hidden bird.

Thanks to our experience with radio telemetry, and Nightjars of corse, we have booked some important results so far. New knowledge was gathered about this poorly know bird. We found for example that males had multiple singing locations and Nightjars travelled long distances to forage.

Do you want to learn about Nightjars? Or do you want to experience their camouflage-tricks? Follow us and discover the secret life of the Goatsuckers...An introductionfilm will show you more about our research!